September effects on a person’s life

Different cultures have different beliefs about the impact of birth month. The following are some September birthday facts:

On one hand, people born in September are considered « lucky » according to some Asian countries. This is because they were able to come in between both hard working summer and gorging winter months. They are seen as having the best balance between caring for outdoor laborers and diligently tilling soil.

On the other hand, statistics show that people born in this month tend to live longer than others with an average live span of 86 years old.

As a woman born in september, I want to share some interesting facts about my birth month with you.

Desire: Discover who’s born in September; learn about September baby histories and more. Nobody loves September more than Women Born in september.

Here are some interesting facts about who was born on the same day as you.

1. Katy Perry was born on september 25th

2. Mireille Darc, the actress and politician, Malagasy revolution military leader, minister for women’s rights (1975), minister for social affairs and health (1980), was also born on september 25th 1928.

3. Pink, American singer and songwriter of her stage name octavia avalon piper roice was born 2005 in Philadelphia and studied at agnes irene school of theater in Philadelphia before moving to New York city – she has lived in Los Angeles since 2006

Rod Stewart is a Scottish rock singer-songwriter who has been described by Rolling Stone Magazine as « perhaps the greatest living English-language rock

1. September babies are known to have a strong passion for beauty, fashion, art, and creativity. These women tend to be artistic and creative and often find themselves in relationships where they excel at expressing their feelings. They may not always be able to express how they feel verbally, but it is possible to tell if there is some sort of problem. They will generally try to keep things simple and enjoy being around people who share similar interests. When they do want something specific, they will work hard until they get what they want.

2. September babies enjoy spending time together getting close to each other and making memories. You may notice them taking long walks together or walking down the street holding hands. If someone makes fun of her appearance, she won’t take it personally because she knows she’s beautiful inside and out. She doesn’t take herself seriously and enjoys looking over others’ lives. She may even look back and think about how much easier it was before technology took over everything.

3. These women love learning new things and finding different ways to learn them. They don’t mind traveling to help teach those around them. They love helping others and can easily relate to others in a way that no one else understands. They are highly emotional and are often seen crying for seemingly nothing. They are great listeners and understand what others are feeling without having to talk about it.

4. September babies are independent and prefer to make decisions on their own. They are comfortable with their independence and believe they should be treated as equals. They are very good at taking care of themselves and rarely ask others to take care of them unless they need help. They aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and defend their beliefs. They would rather be alone than hang out with people who aren’t interested in them. They are very strong-willed and don’t appreciate being told what to do.

5. September babies have a lot of potential and are eager to explore the world and discover new things. Most of these women will do anything to further their education and increase their knowledge base. They are passionate about the arts and often start their own art projects. They like to go on adventures and spend a lot of their free time doing activities outside of the house.

6. These women are compassionate and have a heart of gold. They are understanding of others and will try to help anyone in need. Their compassion extends to nature and animals and they often volunteer to help animals in need. They understand that everyone has problems and know that just because they’re going through a difficult situation that does not mean they shouldn’t help. No one deserves to suffer.

7. September babies are driven to succeed and are often successful in whatever they choose to pursue. They are goal oriented and will strive to achieve any goals set before them. They aren’t satisfied being average and will do whatever it takes to rise above their peers. They value honesty and integrity and hate dishonesty and lying.

8. Women born in september are naturally intelligent and are great at math. They like to solve challenging problems and enjoy exploring topics related to science, engineering, and mathematics. They are also skilled at logical thinking and are great at analyzing situations and coming to conclusions based off of the evidence presented. These women are extremely practical and like to use logic to figure out solutions to problems. They also tend to be analytical thinkers and question everything given to them. Not only do they approach life logically, but they are also very objective and will weigh the facts before making a decision.

9. September babies tend to be stubborn and prideful and are determined to achieve the best results in whatever task they undertake. However, they are also loyal and supportive and will stick by their friends and family through thick and thin. They are not easily discouraged and are always willing to give their best effort. They like to challenge themselves and push their limits to reach success.

10. September babies tend to have a high tolerance level for alcohol and are less likely to become intoxicated due to their clear minds. They are also quite adventurous and enjoy trying new things.

11. They are sensitive and loving and have a deep desire to protect loved ones and friends. They are empathetic and will comfort those who need it. They are prone to mood swings and can experience depression when they feel inadequate in some aspect of their life.

12. September babies are caring and generous and are often seen giving away money and gifts to complete strangers. They are compassionate and patient and will forgive those who are selfish and hurtful. They are kind and will do anything to ensure that people are happy.

13. September babies are honest and reliable and will never lie to you. They will say exactly what they think and won’t hold back when they see a mistake or wrongdoing. They value loyalty and expect the same in return.

14.These women are creative and have a talent for writing. They are also great at drawing and painting and are natural artists. They are also excellent singers and musicians and enjoy performing live. In love, they are romantic and affectionate.