A Course in Theoretical Physics9781118481349, 9781118516911

Author : P. J. SHEPHERD(auth.)
Description:This book is a comprehensive account of five extended modules covering the key branches of twentieth-century theoretical physics, taught by the author over a period of three decades to students on bachelor and master university degree courses in both physics and theoretical physics. The modules cover nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, thermal and statistical physics, many-body theory, classical field theory (including special relativity and electromagnetism), and, finally, relativistic quantum mechanics and gauge theories of quark and lepton interactions, all presented in a single, self-contained volume. In a number of universities, much of the material covered (for example, on Einstein's general theory of relativity, on the BCS theory of superconductivity, and on the Standard Model, including the theory underlying the prediction of the Higgs boson) is taught in postgraduate courses to beginning PhD students. A distinctive feature of the book is that full, step-by-step mathematical proofs of all essential results are given, enabling a student who has completed a high-school mathematics course and the first year of a university physics degree course to understand and appreciate the derivations of very many of the most important results of twentieth-century theoretical physics. Content: Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics (pages 121): Chapter 2 Representation Theory (pages 2338): Chapter 3 Approximation Methods (pages 3961): Chapter 4 Scattering Theory (pages 6395): Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics (pages 97123): Chapter 6 Quantum States and Temperature (pages 125139): Chapter 7 Microstate Probabilities and Entropy (pages 141149): Chapter 8 The Ideal Monatomic Gas (pages 151162): Chapter 9 Applications of Classical Thermodynamics (pages 163176): Chapter 10 Thermodynamic Potentials and Derivatives (pages 177182): Chapter 11 Matter Transfer and Phase Diagrams (pages 183189): Chapter 12 FermiDirac and BoseEinstein Statistics (pages 191198): Chapter 13 Quantum Mechanics and Low?Temperature Thermodynamics of Many?Particle Systems (pages 199234): Chapter 14 Second Quantization (pages 235250): Chapter 15 Gas of Interacting Electrons (pages 251260): Chapter 16 Superconductivity (pages 261286): Chapter 17 The Classical Theory of Fields (pages 287360): Chapter 18 General Relativity (pages 361384): Chapter 19 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (pages 385425): Chapter 20 Gauge Theories of Quark and Lepton Interactions (pages 427449):
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