A Dictionary of Russian Idioms and Colloquialisms 2,200 Expressions with Examples0822983974

Author : Wasyl Jaszczun, Szymon Krynski
Description:The collection includes phraseological fusions, units, combinations, single words used figuratively, colloquialisms. Each idiom or colloquialism, translated into English, is accompanied by a sentence in Russian showing its correct use. Approximately one-fifth of the illustrative text is drawn from the classics most frequently studied in undergraduate and graduate Russian courses. An index to writers quoted and a bibliography are included.This collection is intended ptimarily for the advanced American student who has a knowledge of the essentials of Russian grammar and is familiar with a basic Russian vocabulary of about 2,000 words.The native speaker of Russian will be able to use this book to develop greater sophistication in English.
Categories: Linguistics Russian Language
Year :1987
Publisher : University of Pittsburgh Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : [115]
File Info : pdf 12 Mb