A Pictorial Record of the Qing Dynasty – Qing Dynasty Architecture [1sted.]981427240X, 9789814272407

Author : Compiled by Peking University Library
Description:This book is a compilation of 540 photographs and paintings of Qing Dynasty architecture that appeared in Western publications currently housed in the Peking University Library. The collection is categorized into 18 chapters, such as city walls and gates, pagodas, archways, guild houses, churches, streets, and bridges. These photographs and paintings present a visual introduction to the modes and styles of Chinese architecture built before and during the Qing Dynasty. Besides mirroring the various social upheavals in China during the late Qing Dynasty, the photographs also reflect the Sino Western cultural interactions and military encounters then. This is shown in photographs of armed foreign troops standing guard on the city walls of Nanjing and the triumphant parade of the German military motorcade along a street in Qingdao. In conclusion, this book is useful as a visual reference for researching the architectural evolution during the Qing Dynasty and also provides a fresh and multi-faceted perspective on China's political, social, cultural, and economic landscapes then.KEY FEATURES- The latest publication from the series, A Pictorial Record of the Qing Dynasty.- High print resolution: close examination of details on each photograph is enhanced with the high print resolution of the book.- Reader-friendly layout: single- or dual-picture layout on each page facilitates a fast browsing experience on printed and eBook formats.- Accompanying text: each photograph includes useful annotations such as, explanatory notes touching on specific architectural features, sources, dates of photography, and names of photographers.- Chapter overview: each chapter opens with a brief historical overview and introduction to the specific architecture.- Quotations from Western publications: interesting remarks on Qing Dynasty architecture are included from books written by Western historical figures, such as Osvald Siren, Matteo Ricci, and Hans Christian Andersen.
Categories: Art Design: Architecture
Year :2010
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 350[351]
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