ACS Symposium Series 125Aminocyclitol Antibiotics9780841205543, 9780841206922, 0-8412-0554-X

Author : Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. and Tetsuo Suami (Eds.)
Description: Content: Aminocyclitol antibiotics : an introduction / Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. and Lois S. Shield -- Synthesis of aminocyclitol antibiotics / S. Umezawa -- Modification of aminocyclitol antibiotics / Tetsuo Suami -- Syntheses of a few branched-chain aminocyclitol antibiotics / Juji Yoshimura, Masuo Funabashi, and Chung-Gi Shin -- A new synthesis of branched-chain epi-configuration deoxyhalogeno- and deoxyaminocyclitols / Donald E. Kiely and James M. Riordan -- The stereospecific synthesis of spectinomycin / D.R. White, R.D. Birkenmeyer, R.C. Thomas, S.A. Mizsak, and V.H. Wiley -- Synthesis of spectinomycin analogs / R.C. Thomas, D.R. White, V.H. Wiley, and D.A. Forster -- Spectinomycin modification / W. Rosenbrook, Jr. and Ronald E. Carney -- The structures of diastereomers of dihydrospectinomycins / Louise Foley and Manfred Weigele -- Chemical modification of aminoglycosides : a novel synthesis of 6-deoxyaminoglycosides / Barney J. Magerlein -- The effect of O-methylation on the activity of aminoglycosides / J.B. McAlpine, R.E. Carney, R.L. Devault, A.C. Sinclair, R.S. Egan, M. Cirovic, R. Stanaszek, and S. Mueller -- The synthesis and biological properties of 3'- and 4'-thiodeoxyneamines and 4'-thiodeoxykanamycin B / Thomas W. Ku, Robert D. Sitrin, David J. Cooper, John R.E. Hoover, and Jerry A. Weisbach -- Synthesis of analogs of kanamycin B / J.P.H. Verheyden, D.B. Repke, T.C. Tompkins, and J.G. Moffatt -- The selective N-acylation of kanamycin A / M.J. Cron, J.G. Keil, J.S. Lin, M.V. Ruggeri, and D. Walker -- Carbon-13 NMR spectra of aminoglycoside antibiotics / Takayuki Naito, Soichiro Toda, Susumu Nakagawa, and Hiroshi Kawaguchi -- The structures of minor components of the fortimicin complex / J.B. McAlpine, R.S. Egan, R.S. Stanaszek, M. Cirovic, S.L. Mueller, R.E. Carney, P. Collum, E.E. Fager, A.W. Goldstein, D.J. Grampovnik, P. Kurath, J.R. Martin, G.G. Post, J.H. Seely, and J. Tadanier -- The structures of new fortimicins having double bonds in their purpurosamine moieties / Kunikatsu Shirahata, Gen Shimura, Seigo Takasawa, Takao Iida, and Keiichi Takahashi -- Enzymes modifying aminocyclitol antibiotics and their roles in resistance determination and biosynthesis / Julian Davies -- Biosynthesis and mutasynthesis of aminocyclitol antibiotics / Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. -- Chemical and biological modification of antibiotics of the gentamicin group -- P.J.L. Daniels, D.F. Rane, S.W. McCombie, R.T. Testa, J.J. Wright, and T.L. Nagabhushan -- Synthesis and mutasynthesis of pseudosaccharides related to aminocyclitol-glycoside antibiotics / J. Cleophax, A. Roland, C. Colas, L. Castellanos, S.D. Gero, A.M. Sepulchre, and B. Quiclet -- Multiple interactions of aminoglycoside antibiotics with ribosomes / Bernard D. Davis and Phang-C. Tai.
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :1980
Publisher : American Chemical Society
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 432
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