ACS Symposium Series 553Nitrosamines and Related N-Nitroso Compounds. Chemistry and Biochemistry9780841228566, 9780841214279, 0-8412-2856-6

Author : Richard N. Loeppky and Christopher J. Michejda (Eds.)
"""Description: Content: Nitrosamine and N-nitroso compound chemistry and biochemistry : advances and perspectives / Richard N. Loeppky -- Nitrosamines in sunscreens and cosmetic products : occurrence, formation, and trends / Donald C. Havery and Hardy J. Chou -- N-nitrosodimethylamine in nonfat dry milk / R.A. Scanlan, J.F. Barbour, F.W. Bodyfelt, and L.M. Libbey -- Prevention of nitrosamine exposure in the rubber industry / B. Spiegelhalder and C.-D. Wacker -- Blocking nitrosamine formation : understanding the chemistry of rapid nitrosation / Richard N. Loeppky, Yen T. Bao, Jaeyoung Bae, Li Yu, and Graziella Shevlin -- Quantitative aspects of nitrosamine denitrosation / D.L.H. Williams -- Peptide nitrosations / Brian C. Challis, Neil Carman, Maria H.R. Fernandes, Benjamin R. Glover, Farida Latif, Pravin Patel, Jaswinder S. Sandhu, and Shabaz Shuja -- Nitrosatable secondary amines : exogenous and endogenous exposure and nitrosation in vivo / A.R. Tricker, B. Pfundstein, and R. Preussmann -- Improved methods for analysis of N-nitroso compounds and applications in human biomonitoring / B. Pignatelli, C. Malaveille, P. Thuillier, A. Hautefeuille, and H. Bartsch -- DNA damage and cytotoxicity caused by nitric oxide / Steven R. Tannenbaum, Snait Tamir, Teresa de Rojas-Walker, and John S. Wishnok -- Chemistry of the ""NONOates"" : unusual N-nitroso compounds formed by reacting nitric oxide with nucleophiles / Larry K. Keefer, Danae Christodoulou, Tambra M. Dunams, Joseph A. Hrabie, Chris M. Maragos, Joseph E. Saavedra, and David A. Wink -- Nitric oxide production and catalysis of N-nitroso compound formation by woodchucks (Marmota monax) and woodchuck hepatocytes in culture / J.H. Hotchkiss, R.H. Liu, and T.J. Lillard -- Activation of N-nitrosodialkylamines by metalloporphyrin models of cytochrome P-450 / M. Mochizuki, E. Okochi, K. Shimoda, and K. Ito -- Kinetics and enzymes involved in the metabolism of nitrosamines / Chung S. Yang, Theresa J. Smith, Jun-Yan Hong, and Shiqi Zhou -- Potential mechanism of action of nitrosamines with hydroxy, oxo, or carboxy groups / G. Eisenbrand and C. Janzowski -- Activation of [beta]-hydroxyalkylnitrosamines : evidence for involvement of a sulfotransferase / Christopher J. Michejda, Steven R. Koepke, Marilyn B. Kroeger Koepke, and Lidia Hernandez -- Hemoglobin adducts, DNA adducts, and urinary metabolites of tobacco-specific nitrosamines : as biochemical markers of their uptake and metabolic activation in humans / Stephen S. Hecht, Neil Trushin, and Steven G. Carmella -- Metabolism of N'-nitrosonornicotine by rat liver, oral tissue, and esophageal microsomes / Sharon E. Murphy, Deborah A. Spina, and Rachel Heiblum -- Mechanisms of inhibition of tobacco-specific nitrosamine-induced lung tumorigenesis in A/J mice / Fung-Lung Chung, Mark M. Morse, Karin I. Eklind, and Yong Xu -- Chemical structure of nitrosamines related to carcinogenesis / William Lijinsky -- Formation of tobacco-specific nitrosamines : carcinogenicity and role of dietary fat in their carcinogenicity / Dietrich Hoffmann, Abraham Rivenson, Ernst L. Wynder, and Stephen S. Hecht -- Possible mechanisms of N-nitrosodimethylamine hepatotoxicity / Michael C. Archer, Wei Chin, and Valentia M. Lee -- Genetic tumor epidemiology : identifying causative carcinogenic agents and their transforming mutations / B.I. Ludeke, H. Ohgaki, and P. Kleihues -- Electrophilic addition to ""aminoNONOate"" (RRNN(O)NO) ions / Joseph E. Saavedra, Tambra M. Dunams, Judith L. Flippen-Anderson, and Larry K. Keefer -- Nitric oxide-nucleophile complexes as ligands : structural aspects of the coordinated ""NONOate"" functional group in novel mixed-ligand, non-nitrosyl metal complexes / Danae Christodoulou, David A. Wink, Clifford F. George, Joseph E. Saavedra, and Larry K. Keefer -- Radical cations in nitrosation of tert-dialkyl aromatic amines / S. Singh, R. Hastings, and Richard N. Loeppky -- Nitrosamide formation from foodstuffs / P. Mende, R. Preussmann, and B. Spiegelhalder -- Tocopherol inhibition of NO-mediated nitrosation : in vitro and biological superiority of [gamma]-tocopherol / R.V. Cooney, A.A. Franke, L.J. Mordan, P.J. Harwood, V. Hatch-Pigott, and L.J. Custer -- pH changes in smokeless tobaccos undergoing nitrosation / R.A. Andersen, P.D. Fleming, T.R. Hamilton-Kemp, and D.F. Hildebrand -- Oxidation of alkylnitrosamines via the Fenton reagent : use of nitrosamines to probe oxidative intermediates in the Fenton reaction / David A. Wink, Raymond W. Nims, Joseph E. Saavedra, Marc F. Desrosiers, and Peter C. Ford -- Structures of mutagens formed from Fenton-type oxidation of N-nitrosodialkylamines / M. Mochizuki, N. Tsutsumi, S. Hizatate, and E. Okochi -- Metabolism of methylbutyl- and methylamylnitrosamine by rat and human esophagus and other tissues and induction of esophageal adenocarcinoma in rats / S.S. Mirvish, Q. Huang, S.C. Chen, S.S. Park, and H.V. Gelboin -- Chemistry of putative intermediates in bioactivation of [beta]-oxidized nitrosamines / Richard N. Loeppky, Eric Erb, Aloka Srinivasan, and Li Yu -- Modulation of N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine metabolism in rats by concurrently administered ethanol and diallyl sulfide / B.I. Ludeke, Y. Yamada, F. Domine, and P. Kleihues -- DNA adducts induced by pancreas-specific nitrosamines / Demetrius M. Kokkinakis and Jeffrey R. Norgle -- DNA pyridyloxobutylation : 4-(acetoxymethylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone inhibits the repair of O-methylguanine / Lisa A. Peterson, Xiao-Keng Liu, and Stephen S. Hecht -- Sequence-specific methylation of single- and double-stranded DNA by methylnitrosourea / R.W. Wurdeman and B. Gold -- Detection of tobacco-related hemoglobin adducts by quadrupole mass spectrometry / E. Richter, B. Falter, C. Kutzer, and J. Schulze -- Nonvolatile N-nitrosamides in dried squid : analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography-photolysis-chemiluminescence / S.H. Kim and J.H. Hotchkiss -- N-nitrosodiphenylamine in diphenylamine-treated apples : analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography-UV photolysis-chemiluminescence / T.J. Lillard and J.H. Hotchkiss -- Accumulation of tobacco-specific nitrosamines during curing and aging of tobacco / H.R. Burton and L.P. Bush -- Human exposure to a tobacco-specific nitrosamino acid / A.R. Tricker, G. Scherer, F. Adlkofer, A. Pachinger, and H. Klus -- Significance of nitrosamines in betel quid carcinogenesis / Bogdan Prokopczyk, Jacek Krzeminski, and Dietrich Hoffmann -- Characterization of N-nitrosamino acids in tobacco products and assessment of their carcinogenic potential / Mirjana V. Djordjevic, Jingrun Fan, Jacek Krzeminski, Klaus D. Brunnemann, and Dietrich Hoffmann -- Analysis of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in tobacco and tobacco smoke / Klaus D. Brunnemann and Dietrich Hoffmann."""
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Year :1994
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