ACS Symposium Series 639Biomedical Frontiers of Fluorine Chemistry9780841234420, 9780841215887, 0-8412-3442-6

Author : Iwao Ojima, James R. McCarthy, and John T. Welch (Eds.)
Description: Content: Recent advances in the biomedicinal chemistry of fluorine-containing compounds / Kenneth L. Kirk and Robert Filler -- Practical synthesis of enantiopure fluoroamino acids of biological interest by asymmetric aldol reactions / V.A. Soloshonok -- Synthesis and incorporation of [alpha]-trifluoromethyl-substituted amino acids into peptides / Beate Koksch, Norbert Sewald, Hans-Dieter Jakubke, and Klaus Burger -- Trifluoromethylated amino alcohols : new synthetic approaches and medicinal targets / Jean-Pierre Begue and Daniele Bonnet-Delpon -- Asymmetric synthesis of functionalized fluorinated cyclopropanes and its application to fluoromethano amino acids / Takeo Taguchi, Akira Shibuya, and Tsutomu Morikawa -- Synthesis and properties of novel fluoroprostacyclins : potent and stable prostacyclin agonists / Yasushi Matsumura, Takashi Nakano, Tomoyuki Asai, and Yoshitomi Morizawa -- Preparation of fluorinated amino acids with tyrosine phenol lyase : effects of fluorination on reaction kinetics and mechanism of tyrosine phenol lyase and tyrosine protein kinase Csk / R.L. VonTersch, F. Secundo, R.S. Phillips, and M.G. Newton -- Efficient synthetic routes to chiral 6-deoxy-6,6,6-trifluorosugars via intramolecular 1,2-O, O-silyl migration / Takashi Yamazaki, Kenji Mizutani, and Tomoya Kitazume -- Fluoroamino acid containing analogues of folic acid and methotrexate / Takashi Tsukamoto, James K. Coward, and John J. McGuire -- Fluoro-olefin isosteres as peptidomimetics / J.T. Welch, J. Lin, L.G. Boros, B. DeCorte, K. Bergmann, and R. Gimi -- Molecular design of fluorine-containing peptide mimetics / Piotr Cieplak, Peter A. Kollman, and Jan P. Radomski -- Mechanistic studies of the prenyl transfer reaction with fluorinated substrate analogs / C. Dale Poulter -- Elucidation of the mechanism of inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus 1 protease by difluorostatones / D. Schirlin, J.M. Rondeau, B. Podlogar, C. Tardif, C. Tarnus, V. Van Dorsselaer, and R. Farr -- Fluorine-containing peptidomimetics as inhibitors of aspartyl proteases / Hing L. Sham -- Inhibition of ornithine aminotransferase : a new target for therapeutic intervention / J.B. Ducep, K. Jund, B. Lesur, S. Sarhan, M. Schleimer, P.R. Zimmermann, and N. Seiler -- Fluorinated vitamin D analog with in vivo anticancer activity / Katsuhiko Iseki and Yoshiro Kobayashi -- Syntheses, biological activity, and conformational analysis of fluorine-containing taxoids / Iwao Ojima, Scott D. Kuduk, John C. Slater, Rayomand H. Gimi, Chung Ming Sun, Subrata Chakravarty, Michele Ourevitch, Ahmed Abouabdellah, Daniele Bonnet-Delpon, Jean-Pierre Begue, Jean M. Veith, Paula Pera, and Ralph J. Bernacki -- Design of a fluoro-olefin cytidine nucleoside as a bioprecursor of a mechanism-based inhibitor of ribonucleotide reductase / James R. McCarthy, Prasad S. Sunkara, Donald P. Matthews, Alan J. Bitonti, Esa T. Jarvi, Jeffrey S. Sabol, Robert J. Resvick, Edward W. Huber, Wilfred A. van der Donk, Guixue Yu, and JoAnne Stubbe -- Synthesis and biological activity of 2',2'-difluorodeoxycytidine (gemcitabine) / L.W. Hertel, J.S. Kroin, C.S. Grossman, Gerald B. Grindey, A.F. Dorr, A.M.V. Storniolo, W. Plunkett, V. Gandhi, and P. Huang -- Fluorinated sugars as probes of glycosidase mechanisms / Mark Namchuk, Curtis Braun, John D. McCarter, and Stephen G. Withers -- F-labeled amino acids as structural and dynamic probes in membrane-associated proteins / Zhen-Yu Sun, E. Ann Pratt, and Chien Ho -- Fluorinated amino acids in nerve systems / Kenneth L. Kirk and Jun-Ying Nie -- F-labeled tracers for positron emission tomography studies in the neurosciences / Yu-Shin Ding and Joanna S. Fowler.
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :1996
Publisher : American Chemical Society
Language : English
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