ACS Symposium Series 862Fermentation Biotechnology9780841238459, 9780841219670

Author : Badal C. Saha (Eds.)
Description:Content: 1. Commodity Chemicals Production by Fermentation: An Overview / Badal C. Saha -- 2. Advanced Continuous Fermentation for Anaerobic Microorganism / Ayaaki Ishizaki -- 3. Controlling Filamentous Fungal Morphology by Immobilization on a Rotating Fibrous Matrix to Enhance Oxygen Transfer and L(+)-Lactic Acid Production by Rhizopus oryzae / Nuttha Thongchul and Shang-Tian Yang -- 4. Enhancing Butyric Acid Production with Mutants of Clostridium tyrobutyricum Obtained from Metabolic Engineering and Adaptation in a Fibrous-Bed Bioreactor / Ying Zhu and Shang-Tian Yang -- 5. Production of Mannitol by Fermentation / Badal C. Saha -- 6. Fermentation Process Development of Carbohydrate-Based Therapeutics / Chin-Hang Shu
Categories: Biology Microbiology
Year :2003
Publisher : American Chemical Society
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 274
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