Active Control of Vibration0122694406, 9780122694400, 9780080525914

Author : Christopher C. Fuller, S. J. Elliott, P. A. Nelson
Description:This book is a companion text to Active Control of Sound by P.A. Nelson and S.J. Elliott, also published by Academic Press. It summarizes the principles underlying active vibration control and its practical applications by combining material from vibrations, mechanics, signal processing, acoustics, and control theory. The emphasis of the book is on the active control of waves in structures, the active isolation of vibrations, the use of distributed strain actuators and sensors, and the active control of structurally radiated sound. The feedforward control of deterministic disturbances, the active control of structural waves and the active isolation of vibrations are covered in detail, as well as the more conventional work on modal feedback. The principles of the transducers used as actuateors and sensors for such control strategies are also given an in-depth description. The reader will find particularly interesting the two chapters on the active control of sound radiation from structures: active structural acoustic control. The reason for controlling high frequency vibration is often to prevent sound radiation, and the principles and practical application of such techniques are presented here for both plates and cylinders. The volume is written in textbook style and is aimed at students, practicing engineers, and researchers. * Combines material from vibrations, signal processing, mechanics, and controls * Summarizes new research in the field
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Oscillations and Waves
Year :1996
Publisher : Academic Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 330
File Info : pdf 19 Mb