Advanced Mechanics of Solids [1ed.]3540437975, 9783540437970

Author : Otto T. Bruhns
Description:This textbook is for advanced students who already are familiar with the elementary concepts of statics and the strength of materials. The principles of linear continuum mechanics and linear elastic material behavior are presented. They build the foundation for the later treatment of structures such as beams, bars, plates and shells. Particular attention is paid to the respective thin-walled cases. The text also contains some chapters on the more and more important topic of dynamics of structures. Moreover, it provides the fundamental principles underlying modern computer methods. The book is structured such that in each chapter the theoretical considerations are accompanied by several illustrative examples demonstrating the application of these results. At the end of each chapter, additional problems are included. The solutions to these problems are given in the last chapter.
Categories: Physics Mechanics
Year :2003
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 217[110]
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