Advanced Photography, Sixth Edition [6ed.]9780240514864, 0240514866

Author : Michael Langford
"""Description:The late Michael Langford was one of the most prominent and acomplished authors of photography essays. His works are unrivaled in their analitical depth, focus on the fundamental principals and mechanisms in photography, but also in their serious academic approach on the subject. Advanced Photography together with its companion volume Basic Photography are in my opinion truly invaluable source of well written, instructive information, covering nearly every aspect of the photographic process. In this day and age where there is stifling overabundance of shallow, uninspiring and downright useless ""textbooks"", which are unable to teach you anything, Advanced Photography and Basic Photography stand as standard setting, one of a kind tutorials. Very highly recomended."""
Categories: Art Photo
Year :1998
Publisher : Focal Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 226
File Info : pdf 10 Mb