Advanced Photoshop Elements 4.0 for Digital Photographers [2ed.]9780240519906, 0-240-519906, 0-240-520114

Author : Philip Andrews
Description:Once you have mastered the basics, this is the book to further develop your skills to get professional results with this affordable software. Under Philip's expert guidance you will be taken to the next level, far beyond Element's basic concepts and skills so you can achieve the optimum results from this powerful package. Philip includes details on how to push Elements to its limits as well as how to manage the digital workflow in general, covering scanner and camera capture techniques, advanced image changes, how to produce darkroom techniques digitally, as well as graphics capabilities and explaining how they all fit together. You will learn how to fix common scanning problems; make the most of dodging and burning-in techniques; adjust images for changes in color balance; set up a color managed workflow and much, much more! * Provides tips from the pros, to advance your Elements skills beyond the basics * Step-by-step, highly illustrated, color tutorials show you what can be achieved * Full coverage of the workflow involved, includes essential skills for digital cameras and web work
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2005
Publisher : Focal
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 357
File Info : pdf 76 Mb