Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology 2Seed Proteins: Biochemistry, Genetics, Nutritive Value [1ed.]978-94-009-6803-5, 978-94-009-6801-1

Author : M. S. Swaminathan (auth.), Werner Gottschalk, Hermann P. Mller (eds.)
Description:Investigations on seed proteins have been intensively carried out during the past two decades. This is valid with regard to both their chemical composition as well as their nutritive value. The development of new biochemical and physical methods has resulted in obtaining deep insights into the structures of seed proteins and their mutual interactions. Intensive exchange of information between the scientists participating in national and international research programmes has given strong impulses for intensifying the research in this field. For the quantitative and quali tative investigations of seed proteins, not only some model plants were used; on the contrary, they were carried out on a large number of different crops important for different regions of the earth. In this way, a level of knowledge has been reached which could not be expected in this diversity within such a short period. This holds not only true for biochemical but also for physiological characters of the species of the limiting amino acids studied. With regard to nutritional aspects, the problem was of special interest, but also seed proteins acting as antinutritional factors were analysed in detail. Based on the knowledge of seed protein structures, it was possible to perform investigations on the genetic basis of their synthesis. This was done under two different aspects: The basic knowledge on the genes involved should be widened; moreover, it should be tried to improve the seed proteins quantitatively and qualitatively under the influence of mutant genes.
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :1983
Publisher : Springer Netherlands
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 531[530]
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