Advances in Metallic AlloysPhase transformations of elements under high pressure (CRC 2005) [1ed.]0849333679, 9780849333675

Author : E. Yu Tonkov, E.G. Ponyatovsky
Description:As laboratories replace heavy hydraulic presses and bulky high-pressure chambers with miniature diamond anvils, traditional heaters with laser heating, and continue to improve methods of shock compression, there has been considerable new data obtained from the high-pressure, high-temperature modification of pure elements. The dense metallic modification of elements shows the potential for achieving superconductivity akin to theoretical predictions. Phase Transformations of Elements Under High Pressure contains the latest theoretical and experimental information on nearly 100 elements, including first-and second-phase transitions, melting lines, crystal structures of stable and metastable phases, stability of polymorphic modifications, and other useful properties and data. It emphasizes features such as changes in the liquid state, amorphization, and metallization, and provides temperature-pressure diagrams for every element. The book also describes the transitions of polymeric forms of fullerene, crystal modifications of elements stable under high pressures, and provides data that confirms their superconducting and magnetic properties. This handbook will be a lasting reference for scientists in a broad range of disciplines, including solid-state physics, chemistry, crystallography, mineralogy, and materials science.
Categories: Physics Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Year :2004
Publisher : CRC Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 385
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