Amazon Fish Parasites Volume 1 Second Edition (Aquatic Biodiversity in Latin America Biodiversidad Acuatica En America Latina) [2ed.]9546422584, 9789546422583, 9781435631328

Author : Vernon E. Thatcher
"""Description:For many years, students from numerous countries have complained about the lack of ""tools"" to identify aquatic invertebrates from Latin America. Keys found in accepted textbooks are mostly limited, superficial or too popular-science. On the other hand, more advanced keys in academic books on aquatic invertebrates fail to cover Neotropical representatives in due detail. The few that do, however, also show too many defects in scope and presentation to be considered up-to-date. An international team of editors combined their efforts with Pensoft Publishers to launch a new major series on the aquatic biodiversity of Latin America. About 15 monographs, written by scientists from various countries, will offer a new, unrivalled view of the marvellous aquatic world of South America! The series is addressed to zoologists, ecologists, hydrobiologists, biogeographers, conservationists and students interested in aquatic biodiversity. The series will be an imminent tool for any biological library. Volume 1 - This book covers the following Phyla and Classes: Protozoa (Myxozoa, Sporozoa), Plathelminthes (Trematoda, Monogenoidea, Cestoda), Nematoda, Acanthocephala, Crustacea (Copepoda, Branchiura, Isopoda), Hirudinea and Pentastomida that are known to parasitize Amazonian fishes. The text is in English and the identification keys to families and genera are in both English and Spanish. In addition to the keys and checklists, each chapter gives information on the morphology, life cycles, pathology, prevention, treatment, collection method, as well as general reference data on each taxon. An alphabetic table of host fishes with their respective parasites is provided. The book will prove to be useful for parasitologists, ichthyologists, aquaculturists, pisciulturists and all those interested in Neotropical fish parasites."""
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :2006
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 508[509]
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