Analecta Husserliana 103Phenomenology and Existentialism in the Twentieth Century: Book One New Waves of Philosophical Inspirations [1ed.]9048127246, 9789048127245

Author : Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (auth.), Prof. A-T. Tymieniecka (eds.)
Description:Phenomenology and existentialism transformed understanding and experience of the Twentieth Century to their core. They had strikingly different inspirations and yet the two waves of thought became merged as both movements flourished. The present collection of research devoted to these movements and their unfolding interaction is now especially revealing. The studies in this first volume to be followed by two succeeding ones, range from the predecessors of existentialism Kierkegaard/Jean Wahl, Nietzsche, to the work of its adherents Shestov, Berdyaev, Unamuno, Blondel, Blumenberg, Heidegger and Mamardashvili, Dufrenne and Merleau-Ponty to existentialisms congruence with Christianity or with atheism.Among the leading Husserlian insights are treated essence and experience, the place of questioning, ethics and intentionality, temporality and passivity and the life world.The following book will uncover the perennial concerns guiding the wondrous interplay of these two inspirational sources.
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Oscillations and Waves
Year :2009
Publisher : Springer Netherlands
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 456[444]
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