Anthropology and Psychoanalysis: An Encounter Through Culture0415097428, 9780415097420, 9780203200568

Author : Suzette Heald
Description:In Anthropology and Psychoanalysis the contributors, both practising anthropologists and psychoanalysts, explore in detail the interface between the two disciplines and locate this within the history of both anthropology and psychoanalysis. In particular, they deal with the distinctive reactions of British, French and American anthropology to psychoanalysis and the way in which the present fracturing of each of these national traditions and their post-modern turn has led to a new willingness to investigate the relationships between the disciplines and the role of the unconscious in cultural life. They also address important issues of methodology, and present a critical discussion of the concept of culture and the academic specialisation of knowledge. Anthropology and Psychoanalysis will be invaluable reading to all anthropologists and psychoanalysts.
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :1994
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 256[257]
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