Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis for Epidemiology: A Practical Guide [1ed.]9780521525800, 0521525802, 0521819768, 9780521819763, 9780511061608

Author : Jos W. R. Twisk
Description:The most important techniques available for longitudinal data analysis are discussed in this book. The discussion includes simple techniques such as the paired t-test and summary statistics, but also more sophisticated techniques such as generalized estimating equations and random coefficient analysis. A distinction is made between longitudinal analysis with continuous, dichotomous, and categorical outcome variables. This practical guide is especially suitable for non-statisticians and all those undertaking medical research or epidemiological studies.
Categories: Biology Biostatistics
Year :2003
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 318
File Info : pdf 4 Mb