Architectural Engineering Design: Mechanical Systems [1ed.]9780071385466, 0071385460

Author : Robert Brown Butler
Description:NEW MECHANICAL SYSTEM STANDARDS FOR DESIGNING MODERN BUILDINGS!For the first time in nearly 40 years, here is a completely new professional handbook for designing mechanical systems in archictecture. Based on a thorough reexamination of all the old formulas and guidelines in light of the latest environmental research and digital technology, this volume provides essential criteria for designing PLUMBING, ELECTRIC, LIGHTING, CLIMATE CONTROL, and ACOUSTIC systems for any building, from total systems to tiny details.Best of all, this volume's interactive CD-ROM allows you to solve the most complex problems at lightning speed! It's incredibly easy. Simply access the formula you need, click on the variable you want to solve, enter numerical values for the other unknowns, click COMPUTE-and there's your answer! No math! No mistakes!Together this thick volume and its accompanying disk offer you fingertip access to these invaluable aids and features:* Test guidelines for selecting and sizing more than 240 different mechanical system components in modern buildings* New and accurate formulas for infiltration loss, HVAC ducting, ground electrode systems, any light source, and many more design scenarios* Concise no-math menus for each formula that describes each unknown (No more rummaging through the text for the meaning of an unknown.)* 330 illustrations and 52 sizing tables that summarize vital data* Latest developments regarding computerized operation of buildings, from tiny detectors to total management systems* Latest environmental considerations relating to siting and comfortCreated by an architect with more than 40 years' experience in the field, Architectural Engineering Design: Mechanical Systems provides you with near-instant solutions to hundreds of complex problems-leading you to less time wasted, less dependence on outside specialists, fewer change orders, faster turn-around time, less exposure to litigation, and happier clients...ALL OF WHICH ADD UP TO EXTRAORDINARY BOTTOM-LINE BENEFITS!
Categories: Art Design: Architecture
Year :2002
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Professional
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 703
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