Art and. . .Art & Obscenity1845112342, 978-1-84511-234-9, 978-1-84511-235-6

Author : Kerstin Mey
Description:Contemporary art can be difficult. Reading about it doesnt need to be. Books in the Art and series do two things.Firstly, they connect art back to the real stuff of life from those perennial issues like sex and death that trouble generation after generation to those that concern todays world: the proliferation of obscene imagery in the digital age; our daily bombardment by advertising; dubious and disturbing scientific advances.Secondly, Art and provides accessible theme-based surveys which energetically explore the best of contemporary art. Art and avoids rarefied discourse. In its place, it offers intelligent overviews of art - and the subjects of art - that really matter.
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :2007
Publisher : I. B. Tauris
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 193
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