ArtistproThe Recording Engineer’s Handbook [2nd ed]159863867X, 9781598638677, 1598639293

Author : Bobby Owsinski
Description:I hold a bachelors degree in audio engineering from American University in Washington, D.C. and certainly learned a lot there. However, I've used this book as a go-to time and time again for either things about which I was never quite clear or little details I may not have acquired about the tracking process. This book is very clearly written and easy to understand, yet possesses a wealth of detailed information about mic techniques and other important data crucial to the tracking session. I would recommend this book to ANYONE. A beginner who is considering pursuit of an audio engineering degree or certificate will definitely be one step ahead having read this book. The price also is very reasonable. A great companion to this book is The Mixing Engineer's Handbook by the same author, Bobby Owsinski.
Categories: Art Music
Year :2009
Publisher : Course Technology Cengage Learning
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 423
File Info : pdf 30 Mb