Balkan Studies Library 11Physical Anthropology, Race and Eugenics in Greece (1880s-1970s)9004257667, 9789004257665

Author : Sevasti Trubeta
Description:Before it became established as an academic discipline, physical anthropology emerged as a contested notion of reference to the cosmological views associated with the Darwinian theory of evolution and its implementation by the natural sciences. However, its subsequent development points to a science which made holistic claims regarding its ability to explore humankind in its entirety and to influence society, with its involvement in politics, as well as racial and eugenic concepts serving as the vehicle for doing so. This book explores the emergence of physical anthropology in the modern Greek state and its development over a period of one century from the viewpoint of the proclaimed intention of its representatives to influence societal developments. The book is the first to subject Greek racial and eugenic discourse to detailed research.
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :2013
Publisher : Brill Academic Publishers
Language : English
N° Of Pages : xvi+338[355]
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