Barnes & Noble college outline seriesMusic Theory0064601374, 9780064601375

Author : George Thaddeus Jones
Description:Elementary Acoustics and the Properties of Sound, Music Notation, Intervals and Scales, Chords, Symbolization, Expression Marks and Foreign-Language Terms, Tonality and Key Feeling, Melody Writing, Four-Part Vocal Texture (SATB), Chord Connection, Chord Choice, Harmonizing a Melody, Nonharmonic Tones, Seventh and Ninth Chords, Altered Chords and Chromaticism, Solving Figured Bass, Analysis and Score Reading, Foreign-Language Names for Orchestral Instruments, Range and Transposition of Orchestral Instruments, Homophonic Forms. Also includes Illustrations, Diagrams, Review Questions, Exercises, Bibliography, and Full Index.
Categories: Art Music
Year :1974
Publisher : HarperPerennial
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 310[330]
File Info : pdf 70 Mb