Beginning Digital Image Processing: Using Free Tools for Photographers [1ed.]1430228415, 9781430228417, 9781430228424

Author : Sebastian Montabone
Description:This book was recommended to me by a friend who is very experienced in photography. I myself basically take pictures of the family and hope to doctor them up, make them look good, and print them for my wife. While my skills are very minimal, this book allowed me to find the necessary tools (For FREE!!!) and how to use them to make me look like a professional. My friend, who is a great photographer who also recommended this book is very familiar with the tools and yet he thought this book to be a great resource in maximizing the use of the tools and as an easy resource to finding exactly what you need when you need it. Your're literally gonna save hundreds of dollars buying this book!!! It is a must have for the beginner (like me) to the most advanced digital photographer!
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2010
Publisher : Apress
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 314
File Info : pdf 12 Mb