Between Theater and Anthropology0812212258, 9780812212259

Author : Richard Schechner
Description:In performances by Euro-Americans, Afro-Americans, Native Americans, and Asians, Richard Schechner has examined carefully the details of performative behavior and has developed models of the performance process useful not only to persons in the arts but to anthropologists, play theorists, and others fascinated (but perhaps terrified) by the multichannel realities of the postmodern world.Schechner argues that in failing to see the structure of the whole theatrical process, anthropologists in particular have neglected close analogies between performance behavior and ritual. The way performances are createdin training, workshops, and rehearsalsis the key paradigm for social process.
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :1985
Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 360[357]
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