Biochemistry Laboratory: Modern Theory and Techniques (2nd Edition) [2ed.]013604302X, 9780136043027

Author : Rodney F. Boyer
Description:Your biochemistry lab course is an essential component in training for a career in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, and related molecular life sciences such as cell biology, neurosciences, and genetics. Biochemistry Laboratory: Modern Theory and Techniques covers the theories, techniques, and methodologies practiced in the biochemistry teaching and research lab. Instead of specific experiments, it focuses on detailed descriptions of modern techniques in experimental biochemistry and discusses the theory behind such techniques in detail. An extensive range of techniques discussed includes Internet databases, chromatography, spectroscopy, and recombinant DNA techniques such as molecular cloning and PCR. The Second Edition introduces cutting-edge topics such as membrane-based chromatography, adds new exercises and problems throughout, and offers a completely updated Companion Website.
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :2011
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 382
File Info : pdf 4 Mb