Biochemistry. The chemical reactions of living cells, [vol.1, 2ed]0124925421, 9780124925427

Author : Metzler D.
Description:* 2 full volumes (1900 pages) of PDF-based two color text on a single CD-ROM, conveniently hyperlinked and indexed. Biochemistry CD-ROM is a convenient, desktop reference containing both volumes of the published book. It is a searchable and comprehensive reference. The most comprehensive biochemistry text reference available on the market, organized into 32 chapters, 16 in each volume, containing the latest research in the fieldSpecial features include boxed information on topics of general interest; study questions; tables of contents precedes each chapter; specialized chaptersCD ROM contains the complete text with hypertext linked index
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :2003
Publisher : AP
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 940
File Info : pdf 15 Mb