Bioenergetics: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Pathology [1ed.]978-1-4684-5837-4, 978-1-4684-5835-0

Author : Chong H. Kim (auth.), Chong H. Kim, Takayuki Ozawa (eds.)
"""Description:The emergence of the Biochemical Sciences is underlined by the FAOB symposium in Seoul and highlighted by this Satellite meeting on the ""New Bioenergetics. "" Classical mitochondrial electron transfer and energy coupling is now complemented by the emerging molecular biology of the respiratory chain which is studied hand in hand with the recognition of mitochondrial disease as a major and emerging study in the basic and clinical medical sciences. Thus, this symposium has achieved an important balance of the fundamental and applied aspects of bioenergetics in the modern setting of molecular biology and mitochondrial disease. At the same time, the symposium takes note not only of the emerging excellence of Biochemical Studies in the Orient and indeed in Korea itself, but also retrospectively enjoys the history of electron transport and energy conservation as represented by the triumvirate ofYagi, King and Slater. Many thanks are due Drs. Kim and Ozawa for their elegant organization of this meeting and its juxtaposition to the FAOB Congress. Britton Chance April 2, 1990 v PREFACE This book contains the contributed papers presented at the ""International Symposium on Bioenergetics: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Pathology"", held in Seoul, Korea, August 18-21, 1989, sponsored by International Union of Biochemistry (as ruB Symposium No. 191) and Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea. The symposium was held in honor of Professor Kunio Yagi to commemorate his 70th birthday."""
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Year :1991
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