Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women0748617132, 9780748617135, 9780748626601

Author : Elizabeth L Ewan, Sian Reynolds, Sue Innes, Rose Pipes
Description:This single-volume dictionary will present the lives of individual Scottish women from earliest times to the present. Drawing on new scholarship and a wide network of professional and amateur historians, it will throw light on the experience of women from every class and category in Scotland and among the worldwide Scottish diaspora. The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women is being written for the general reading public and for students of Scottish history and society. It will be scholarly in its approach to evidence and engaging in the manner of its presentation. Each entry will seek to make sense of its subject in narrative terms, telling a story rather than simply offering information. The editors aim to make the book as enjoyable to read as it will be easy and valuable to consult. It will be a unique and important contribution to the history of women and Scotland. (8/25/2006)
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :2006
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 440[470]
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