Bioinformatics: applications in life and environmental sciences [1ed.]1402088795, 9781402088797, 9781402088803

Author : M. H. Fulekar
Description:Bioinformatics, computational biology, is a relatively new field that applies computer science and information technology to biology. In recent years, the discipline of bioinformatics has allowed biologists to make full use of the advances in Computer sciences and Computational statistics for advancing the biological data. Researchers in life sciences generate, collect and need to analyze an increasing number of different types of scientific data, DNA, RNA and protein sequences, in-situ and microarray gene expression including 3D protein structures and biological pathways. This book is aiming to provide information on bioinformatics at various levels. The chapters included in this book cover introductory to advanced aspects, including applications of various documented research work and specific case studies related to bioinformatics.
Categories: Biology Molecular: Bioinformatics
Year :2009
Publisher : Springer
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 254
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