Bioinformatics: Databases and Systems [1sted.]079238573X, 9780792385738, 9780306469039

Author : Stanley I. Letovsky
Description:Bioinformatics brings computational methods to the analysis and processing of genomic data. Bioinformatics: Databases and Systems focuses on the issues of system building and data curation that dominate the day-to-day concerns of bioinformatics practitioners. Included are chapters by many of today's leading bioinformatics practitioners, describing most of the current paradigms of system building and curation, including both their strengths and weaknesses. Biological topics covered include sequence databases, metabolic pathways, phenotypes, variety collections, gene expression atlases and neuroinformatics. Species range from bacteria to mammals to plants. Software systems and technologies covered include OPM, CORBA, SRS, KLEISLI, ACEDB, Web-based integration and laboratory workflow. Bioinformatics: Databases and Systems provides a valuable introduction for newcomers to the field, and a useful reference for veterans.
Categories: Biology Molecular: Bioinformatics
Year :1999
Publisher : Springer
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 313
File Info : pdf 18 Mb