Bioinformatics for Systems Biology [2ed.]978-1-59745-440-7, 978-1-934115-02-2

Author : Jon Holy, Ed Perkins (auth.), Stephen Krawetz (eds.)
Description:, . , , .Contents1 Structure and Function of the Nucleus and Cell Organelles2 Transcription and the Control of Gene Expression3 RNA Processing and Translation4 DNA Replication, Recombination, and Repair5 Cell Signaling6 Epigenetics of Spermiogenesis Combining In Silico and Proteomic Approachesin the Mouse Model7 Genomic Tools for Analyzing Transcriptional Regulatory Networks8 Probability and Hypothesis Testing9 Stochastic Models for Biological Patterns10 Population Genetics11 Statistical Tools for Gene Expression Analysis and Systems Biology and Related Web Resources12 What Goes in is What Comes Out: How to Design and Implement a SuccessfulMicroarray Experiment13 Tools and Approaches for an End-to-End Expression Array Analysis14 Analysis of Alternative Splicing with Microarrays15 An Introduction to Multiple Sequence Alignment and the T-Coffee Shop. Beyond Just Aligning Sequences: How Good can you Make your Alignment, and so What?16 A Spectrum of Phylogenetic-Based Approaches for Predicting Protein Functional Sites17 The Role of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Promoters and Their In Silico Detection18 In Silico Discovery of DNA Regulatory Sites and Modules19 Mining the Research Literature in Systems Biology20 GoPubMed: Exploring PubMed with Ontological Background Knowledge21 BiblioSphere Hypothesis Generation in Regulatory Network Analysis22 Biological Knowledge Extraction A Case Study of iHOP and Other LanguageProcessing Systems23 Using KEGG in the Transition from Genomics to Chemical Genomics24 Ensembl Open-Source Software for Large-Scale Genome Analysis25 Management of Spatially Organized Biological Data using EMAGE26 Equality of the Sexes? Parent-of-Origin Effects on Transcription and de novo Mutations27 Methods for Structural Inference and Functional Module Identification in Intracellular Networks28 Methods for Dynamical Inference in Intracellular Networks29 ASIAN: Network Inference Web Server30 Bioinformatics for Metabolomics31 Virtual Reality Meets Functional Genomics32 Systems Biology of Personalized Medicine
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Year :2009
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