Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society0387285393, 9780387285399, 0792383451, 9780792383451, 9780306470448

Author : A.K. Jain, Ruud Bolle, Sharath Pankanti (Editors)
Description:Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society is a comprehensive and accessible source of state-of-the-art information on all existing and emerging biometrics: the science of automatically identifying individuals based on their physiological or behavior characteristics. In particular, the book covers: - General principles and ideas of designing biometric-based systems and their underlying tradeoffs - Identification of important issues in the evaluation of biometrics-based systems - Integration of biometric cues, and the integration of biometrics with other existing technologies - Assessment of the capabilities and limitations of different biometrics - The comprehensive examination of biometric methods in commercial use and in research development - Exploration of some of the numerous privacy and security implications of biometrics Also included are chapters on face and eye identification, speaker recognition, networking, and other timely technology-related issues. All chapters are written by leading internationally recognized experts from academia and industry. Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society is an invaluable work for scientists, engineers, application developers, systems integrators, and others working in biometrics.
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :2005
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 411[422]
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