Biosemiotics 3Essential Readings in Biosemiotics: Anthology and Commentary [1ed.]1402096496, 9781402096495

Author : Donald Favareau (auth.)
Description:Synthesizing the findings from a wide range of disciplines from biology and anthropology to philosophy and linguistics the emerging field of Biosemiotics explores the highly complex phenomenon of sign processing in living systems. Seeking to advance a naturalistic understanding of the evolution and development of sign-dependent life processes, contemporary biosemiotic theory offers important new conceptual tools for the scientific understanding of mind and meaning, for the development of artificial intelligence, and for the ongoing research into the rich diversity of non-verbal human, animal and biological communication processes.Donald Favareaus Essential Readings in Biosemiotics has been designed as a single-source overview of the major works informing this new interdiscipline, and provides scholarly historical and analytical commentary on each of the texts presented. The first of its kind, this book constitutes a valuable resource to both bioscientists and to semioticians interested in this emerging new discipline, and can function as a primary textbook for students in biosemiotics, as well. Moreover, because of its inherently interdisciplinary nature and its focus on the big questions of cognition, meaning and evolutionary biology, this volume should be of interest to anyone working in the fields of cognitive science, theoretical biology, philosophy of mind, evolutionary psychology, communication studies or the history and philosophy of science.
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :2009
Publisher : Springer Netherlands
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 880[883]
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