Biotechnology, 2nd Edition, Volume 10: Special Processes [2ed.]9783527283200, 352728320X, 9783527620937

Author : Hans-Jurgen Rehm
Description:Volume 10 on Special Processes completes the Second Edition of the Biotechnology series providing an overview on innovative and special fields of biotechnology. In the other volumes of the series many larger areas of biotechnology are treated with respect to principal aspects, while Volume 10 covers more specialized topics. Areas which are anticipated to have a highly promising future are nanobiotechnology, bioelectrochemical fuel cells, bacteriorhodopsin and other substances used as information systems. Further fields - although small - are of current importance such as marine biotechnology, biotechnology in phytopathology, biotechnology with extremophiles, and biotechnology with protozoa. Volume 10 enables the reader to access these and further special fields of biotechnology. The proven quality of extensive references provides a good basis to gain further insight into the fields.
Categories: Biology Microbiology
Year :2001
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 622[612]
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