Biotechnology, 2nd Edition, Volume 4: Measuring, Modelling and Control [2ed.]3527283145, 9783527620852, 9783527283149

Author : Karl Schgerl
Description:This volume covers monitoring of the biotechnological process with sophisticated analytical techniques, use of the resulting data by means of mathematical models, and computer-aided control for improvement of the productivity of biotechnological processes. The book consists of four main parts: instruments for analysis and biosensoring, measuring techniques, process models and their automation and control. The use of different cell types, recombinant microorganisms, and reactor conditions are presented and all present strategies of monitoring and optimizing cell growth and product formation are discussed with regard to improved productivity. Topics included are: Methods and Instruments/ Biosensors/ Characterization of Bioreactors/ Determination of Cell Concentration/ Cell Models/ Stirred Tank Models/ Tower Reactor Models/ Process Models/ Control of Bioreactor Systems/ Automation/ Control of Downstream Processing
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :1996
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 659[658]
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