Bur Oak BookDeep Nature: Photographs from Iowa [1st Edition]1587298244, 9781587298240

Author : John Pearson, Linda Scarth, Robert Scarth
"""Description:This is the type of book I never would have thought I would be recommending to others. It could, at first perusal in a book store, be easily be mistaken for just another coffee table book - heavy on ""eye candy"" but of little substance.Yes, the largess of this September 2009 release from University of Iowa Press is photographs - seventy-five dazzling photographs revealing miniature beauties discretely nestled into patches of prairie, wetland and woodland of Iowa. In the Scarth's own words, ""Our mission is to produce works with grace and emotional resonance."" Mission accomplished! The full extent of written words by these shutter buffs from Cedar Rapids, Iowa consists of less than three and one half pages. They have chosen instead to let their images speak. However, they have also wisely chosen to include a prefacing essay by one of Iowa's premier naturalists, John Pearson. Mr. Pearson works for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. His essay provides a very personal, introspective look which imparts a comfort of gratefulness that people with his vision are caretakers of our natural resources. It is a refreshing change to actually enjoy reading the first few pages of a book that does not consist of boilerplate and publicist hype. This essay is a deeply personal, evocative celebration of rarely appreciated facets of our Midwestern lands.You will find photos that match the elegance of the essay
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2009
Publisher : University Of Iowa Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 119
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