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Author : I Khan
Description:Citrus breeding / I.A. Khan and W.J. Kender -- A comprehesive citrus genetic improvement program / F.G. Gmitter Jr, J.W. Grosser, W.S. Castle and G.A. Moore -- Origin and taxonomy / E. Nicolosi -- Citrus germplasm resource / R.R. Krueger and L. Navarro -- Nuceller embryony / J.L. Kepiro and M.L. Roose -- Cytogenetics / M.J. Jaskani, M. Omura and I.A. Khan -- Haploidy / M. A. Germana -- Seedlessness and ploidy manipulations / P. Ollitrault, F. Luro and M. Yamamoto -- Somaclonal variation / J.W. Grosser, X.X. Deng and R.M. Goodrich -- Somatic hybridization / P. Ollitrault, W. Guo and J.W. Grooser -- Single chromosome transfer / E.S. Louzada -- Mapping and marker-assisted selection / M.L. Roose -- Cloning and characterization of disease resistant genes / F.G. Gmitter Jr, Z. Deng and C. Chen -- Genetic transformation of citrus for pathogen resistance / V.J. Febres, R.F. Lee and G.A. Moore / L -- Genetic transformation / L. Pena, M. Cervera, R. Ghorbel, A. Dominguez, C. Fagoaga, J. Juarez, J.A. Pina and L. Navarro -- Mutation breeding / M.L. Roose and T.E. Williams -- Shooting-tip grafting in vitro / L. Navarro and J. Juarez
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :2007
Publisher : CABI
Language : English
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