Cambridge astrophysics series 35The galaxies of the local group [1sted.]0521651816, 9780521651813, 9780511017087

Author : Sidney van den Bergh
Description:The Local Group is a small cluster of galaxies of which thirty-five members are currently known, including the Milky Way. With characteristic clarity of expression, Sidney van den Bergh provides a complete overview of all that is known about the galaxies of the Local Group and their evolution. He also places this knowledge in the wider context of continuing studies of galaxy formation and evolution, the cosmic distance scale, and the conditions in the early Universe. This volume thoroughly details our current understanding of each of the thirty-five members of the Local Group, as well as those galaxies previously regarded as possible members. The book goes on to examine the mass, stability and evolution of the Local Group as a whole and includes many important, previously unpublished results and conclusions.
Categories: Mathematics Symmetry and group
Year :2000
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 343
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