Cambridge Studies in LinguisticsCreole Genesis and the Acquisition of Grammar: The Case of Haitian Creole0521593824, 9780521593823, 0521025389, 9780521025386, 9780511519826

Author : Claire Lefebvre
Description:This study focuses on the cognitive processes involved in creole genesis: relexification, reanalysis, and direct leveling. The role of these processes is documented by a detailed comparison of Haitian creole with its two major contributing languages, French and Fongbe, to illustrate how mechanisms from source languages show themselves in creole. The author examines the input of adult, as opposed to child, speakers and resolves the problems in the three main approaches, universalist, superstratist and substratist, which have been central to the recent debate on creole development.
Categories: Linguistics Foreign
Year :1999
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 479
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