Cambridge Texts in Applied MathematicsThe Kinematics of Mixing: Stretching, Chaos, and Transport 0521368782, 0-521-36335-7, 9780521368780

Author : J. M. Ottino
Description:Professor Ottino presents a unified and systematic account of the kinematics of mixing fluids. He suggests that fluid mixing be regarded, in some respects, as the efficent stretching and folding of material lines and surfaces. This corresponds to analyzing a particular type of dynamical system, and Ottino explores the connection. The work is heavily illustrated with line diagrams, and black-and-white and color plates. The graphics aid the reader in developing a more systematic and intuitive picture, complementing the scientific presentation given in the text itself.
Categories: Physics Mechanics
Year :1989
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 396[388]
File Info : pdf 9 Mb