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Description:The pace of therapeutic advances in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is rapid, and new clinically-relevant information appears with such frequency that it can be extremely challenging for clinicians to keep up.Still, knowledge and interpretation of major clinical trials is crucial for the range of clinicians who manage cardiovascular patients, especially since important trial evidence often needs to be implemented soon after it is published.Confidently apply gold standard treatment for 10 of the most critical areas of cardiology Written by an international team of experts, Cardiovascular Clinical Trials: Putting the Evidence into Practice:Provides a succinct overview of recent major clinical trials - the gold standard for all medical treatment - across all the major cardiovascular subspecialties, to ensure youre up-to-date on the most critical findingsGuides cardiology trainees and clinicians on how cardiovascular clinical trials are designed and conducted, including statistical methodology, so you can conduct and/or appraise future trials yourselfAddresses methodology as well as clinical effectivenessOffers evidence-based assessments on the most effective treatments and authoritative clinical information on management of the conditions so you can confidently apply what you learnPhysicians, surgeons, specialist nurses any clinician seeking an accessible resource for designing and conducting cardiovascular trials and then translating their results into practice will appreciate this books clear guidance and succinct and practical approach.Content: Chapter 1 Introduction to Randomized Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular Disease (pages 143): Tobias Geisler, Marcus D. Flather, Deepak L. Bhatt and Ralph B. D'agostinoChapter 2 Publishing Results of Clinical Trials and Reviewing Papers for Publication (pages 4459): Tobias Geisler and Marcus D. FlatherChapter 3 Management of Chronic Coronary Artery Disease (pages 6085): Sabu Thomas and William E. BodenChapter 4 Acute Coronary Syndromes (ST Elevation and Non?ST Elevation) (pages 86116): Tobias Geisler, Deepak L. Bhatt and Marcus D. FlatherChapter 5 Heart Failure (pages 117142): Christopher M. O'Connor and Wendy Gattis StoughChapter 6 Atrial Fibrillation (pages 143173): Chee W. Khoo and Gregory Y. H. LipChapter 7 Electrophysiology and Pacing (pages 174204): Irina Suman?Horduna and Sabine ErnstChapter 8 Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (pages 205242): Dharam J. Kumbhani and Deepak L. BhattChapter 9 Randomized Controlled Trials in Cardiac Surgery: Is there any Alternative? (pages 243273): Thanos Athanasiou, Amir Sepehripour and John PepperChapter 10 Adult Congenital Heart Disease (pages 274295): Cary Ward, J. Kevin Harrison and Thomas M. BashoreChapter 11 Cardiac Imaging (pages 296344): Aiden Abidov and Daniel S. BermanChapter 12 Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (pages 345377): Alice J. Owen and Christopher M. Reid
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Year :2012
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