China’s Energy Outlook 20049812567488, 9789812567482, 9789812773821

Author : Chen Wenying, Duan Maosheng, Gu Alun, Liu Bin, Lu Chuanyi, Su Mingshan, Tong Qing, Wang Gehua, Wang
Description:This unique book offers a timely and insightful look into China's present energy situation and the emerging challenges of balancing energy supply and demand over the forthcoming decades. It presents a holistic analysis of the growing pressures on the energy system as a result of the country's dynamic socio-economic progress. The volume considers current hot topics and will be useful as a reference for those aspiring to understand more about what is happening in China's energy sector today.
Categories: Technology Energy: Renewable Energy
Year :2006
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 116[117]
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