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Description:Collating the knowledge from over 20,000 publications in chemistry, biology and nanotechnology, this handbook is the first to comprehensively present the state of the art in one ready reference. A team of international authors connects the various disciplines involved, covering cis-trans isomerization of double bonds and pseudo-double bonds, as well as other cis-trans isomerizations. For biochemists, organic chemists, physicochemists, photochemists, polymer and medicinal chemists.Content: Chapter 1 Nomenclature (pages 15): Christophe DugaveChapter 2 General Mechanisms of Cis?Trans Isomerization: A Rapid Survey (pages 713): Christophe DugaveChapter 3 Mechanisms of Cis?Trans Isomerization around the CarbonCarbon Double Bonds via the Triplet State (pages 1551): Yasushi Koyama, Yoshinori Kakitani and Hiroyoshi NagaeChapter 4 Retinal Binding Proteins (pages 5375): Hideki KandoriChapter 5 Non?Retinal Chromophoric Proteins (pages 7794): Marc ZimmerChapter 6 Fatty Acids and Phospholipids (pages 95112): Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu and Carla FerreriChapter 7 In Silico Dynamic Studies of Cis?Trans Isomerization in Organic and Biological Systems (pages 113141): Ute F. Rohrig, Ivano Tavernelli and Ursula RothlisbergerChapter 8 Chemical Aspects of the Restricted Rotation of Esters, Amides, and Related Compounds (pages 143166): Christophe DugaveChapter 9 Amide Cis?Trans Isomerization in Peptides and Proteins (pages 167193): Stephan Wawra and Gunter FischerChapter 10 Enzymes Catalyzing Peptide Bond Cis?Trans Isomerizations (pages 195224): Gunter FischerChapter 11 Tailoring the Cis?Trans Isomerization of Amides (pages 225259): Luis Moroder, Christian Renner, John J. Lopez, Manfred Mutter and Gabriele TuchschererChapter 12 Peptidyl Prolyl Isomerases: New Targets for Novel Therapeutics? (pages 261294): Christophe DugaveChapter 13 Other Cis?Trans Isomerizations in Organic Molecules and Biomolecules (pages 295320): Muriel Gondry and Christophe DugaveChapter 14 Cis?Trans Isomerism in Metal Complexes (pages 321344): Alzir Azevedo Batista and Salete Linhares Queiroz
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