Classical electromagnetism [lecturesed.]9780805387339, 0805387331

Author : Jerrold Franklin
Description:Classical Electromagnetism is built for readers who want to learn about the theory of electricity and magnetism. The text starts in historical order, moving through Coulomb's law and the magnetic law of Biot-Savart to Maxwell's unification of physics. Author Jerrold Franklin carefully develops each stage of the theory without oversimplifying. Throughout, he demonstrates how key principles can be defined on a more fundamental basis to enhance reader understanding. The mathematics and physics are unified so that readers learn the material in the context of real physics applications. Foundations of Electrostatics, Further Development of Electrostatics, Methods of Solution in Electrostatics, Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates, Green's Functions, Electrostatics in Matter, Magnetostatics, Magnetization and Ferromagnetism, Time Varying Fields, Maxwell's Equations, Electromagnetic Plane Waves, Wave Guides and Cavities, Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering, Special Relativity, The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies For all readers interested in learning about the theory of electricity and magnetism.
Categories: Physics Electricity and Magnetism
Year :2005
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 227
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