Clinical Data Analysis on a Pocket Calculator: Understanding the Scientific Methods of Statistical Reasoning and Hypothesis Testing [2ed.]978-3-319-27103-3, 978-3-319-27104-0

Author : Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman (auth.)
"""Description:In medical and health care the scientific method is little used, and statistical software programs are experienced as black box programs producing lots of p-values, but little answers to scientific questions. The pocket calculator analyses appears to be, particularly, appreciated, because they enable medical and health professionals and students for the first time to understand the scientific methods of statistical reasoning and hypothesis testing. So much so, that it can start something like a new dimension in their professional world. In addition, a number of statistical methods like power calculations and required sample size calculations can be performed more easily on a pocket calculator, than using a software program. Also, there are some specific advantages of the pocket calculator method. You better understand what you are doing. The pocket calculator works faster, because far less steps have to be taken, averages can be used. The current nonmathematical book is complementary to the nonmathematical ""SPSS for Starters and 2nd Levelers"" (Springer Heidelberg Germany 2015, from the same authors), and can very well be used as its daily companion."""
Categories: Biology Biostatistics
Year :2016
Publisher : Springer International Publishing
Language : English
N° Of Pages : XXIII, 334[328]
File Info : pdf 10 Mb