CMOS Biotechnology (Series on Integrated Circuits and Systems) [1ed.]0387368361, 9780387368368, 9780387689135

Author : Donhee Ham, Hakho Lee and Robert Westervelt
Description:Lately, there has been a growing interest in exploiting the benefits of the ICs for areas outside of the traditional application spaces. One noteable area is found in biology Bioanalytical instruments have been miniaturized on ICs to study various biophenomena or to actuate biosystems. These biolab-on-IC systems utilize the IC to facilitate faster, repeatable, and standardized biological experiments at low cost with a small volume of biological sample. The research activities in this field are expected to enjoy substantial growth in the foreseeable future. BioCMOS Technologies reviews these exciting recent efforts in joining CMOS technology with biology.
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :2007
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 400[394]
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