Coding and Cryptography: Synergy for a Robust Communication348675212X, 9783486752120

Author : Nataa ivi
"""Description:This book presents the benefits of the synergetic effect of the combination of coding and cryptography. It introduces new directions for the interoperability between the components of a communication system. Coding and cryptography are standard components in today s distributed systems. The integration of cryptography into coding aspects is very interesting, as the usage of cryptography will be common use, even in industrial applications. The book is based on new developments of coding and cryptography, which use real numbers to express reliability values of bits instead of binary values 0 and 1. The presented methods are novel and designed for noisy communication, which doesnt allow the successful use of cryptography. The rate of successful verifications is improved essentially not only for standard or hard verification, but even more after the introduction of soft verification. A security analysis shows the impact on the security. Information security and cryptography follow the late developments of communication theory by changing from hard to soft, which results in much better results."""""
Categories: Technology Communication: Telecommunications
Year :2013
Publisher : Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag
Language : English
N° Of Pages : VIII+126[135]
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