Comprehensive Hard MaterialsComprehensive Hard Materials volume 1 Hardmetals [1, 1ed.]978-0-444-63385-9

Author : Vinod K. Sarin (editor-in-chief), Luis Llanes (editor), Daniele Mari (editor)
Description:Comprehensive Hard Materials deals with the production, uses and properties of the carbides, nitrides and borides of these metals and those of titanium, as well as tools of ceramics, the superhard boron nitrides and diamond and related compounds. Articles include the technologies of powder production (including their precursor materials), milling, granulation, cold and hot compaction, sintering, hot isostatic pressing, hot-pressing, injection moulding, as well as on the coating technologies for refractory metals, hard metals and hard materials. The characterization, testing, quality assurance and applications are also covered. Comprehensive Hard Materials provides meaningful insights on materials at the leading edge of technology. It aids continued research and development of these materials and as such it is a critical information resource to academics and industry professionals facing the technological challenges of the future.
Categories: Technology Materials
Year :2014
Publisher : Elsevier
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 559
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