Computational and Statistical Methods for Protein Quantification by Mass Spectrometry9781119964001, 9781118494042

Author : Ingvar Eidhammer, Harald Barsnes, Geir Egil Eide, Lennart Martens(auth.)
Description:The definitive introduction to data analysis in quantitative proteomicsThis book provides all the necessary knowledge about mass spectrometry based proteomics methods and computational and statistical approaches to pursue the planning, design and analysis of quantitative proteomics experiments. The authors carefully constructed approach allows readers to easily make the transition into the field of quantitative proteomics. Through detailed descriptions of wet-lab methods, computational approaches and statistical tools, this book covers the full scope of a quantitative experiment, allowing readers to acquire new knowledge as well as acting as a useful reference work for more advanced readers.Computational and Statistical Methods for Protein Quantification by Mass Spectrometry:Introduces the use of mass spectrometry in protein quantification and how the bioinformatics challenges in this field can be solved using statistical methods and various software programs.Is illustrated by a large number of figures and examples as well as numerous exercises.Provides both clear and rigorous descriptions of methods and approaches.Is thoroughly indexed and cross-referenced, combining the strengths of a text book with the utility of a reference work.Features detailed discussions of both wet-lab approaches and statistical and computational methods.With clear and thorough descriptions of the various methods and approaches, this book is accessible to biologists, informaticians, and statisticians alike and is aimed at readers across the academic spectrum, from advanced undergraduate students to post doctorates entering the field.Content: Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 111): Chapter 2 Correlations of mRNA and Protein Abundances (pages 1221): Chapter 3 Protein Level Quantification (pages 2226): Chapter 4 Mass Spectrometry and Protein Identification (pages 2747): Chapter 5 Protein Quantification by Mass Spectrometry (pages 4874): Chapter 6 Statistical Normalization (pages 7595): Chapter 7 Experimental Normalization (pages 96109): Chapter 8 Statistical Analysis (pages 110128): Chapter 9 Label Based Quantification (pages 129137): Chapter 10 Reporter Based MS/MS Quantification (pages 138154): Chapter 11 Fragment Based MS/MS Quantification (pages 155159): Chapter 12 Label Based Quantification by MS Spectra (pages 160184): Chapter 13 Label free Quantification by MS Spectra (pages 185204): Chapter 14 Label Free Quantification by MS/MS Spectra (pages 205217): Chapter 15 Targeted Quantification Selected Reaction Monitoring (pages 218234): Chapter 16 Absolute Quantification (pages 235243): Chapter 17 Quantification of Post?Translational Modifications (pages 244253): Chapter 18 Biomarkers (pages 254258): Chapter 19 Standards and Databases (pages 259263): Chapter 20 Appendix A: Statistics (pages 264291): Chapter 21 Appendix B: Clustering and Discriminant Analysis (pages 292312):
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :2013
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Language : English
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